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What should I keep in mind during touring?

Please remember the instructions below :

First, do not eat food or run throughout the tour;

Second, keep your hands off the exhibitions; and

Third, be advised to conform to etiquette (do not yell or make noises) 

Can I take a photo at the Football Faentasium?

Yes, it is allowed, provided that the guidelines below are followed;

First, no flash and no tripod allowed except in the photo zones; and

Second, any photos taken is strictly prohibited for commercial use. 

How do I donate my own personal items to charity?

Please send the photos of them and a story you want to share related to those items to [email protected] .

What shall I do for lost or found articles?

Please inform our reception and they will handle them through the pre-defined lost and found process.


I need a wheelchair for mobility. Will there be any accessibility problem for a visit?

We unfortunately do not have staff dedicated to serving the impaired, and it is recommended that those in need of the assistance be accompanied by someone who can help.

You also may experience some inconveniences trying some of the IT gears, e.g. VR equipment.