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Do you have any programs other than the Football Faentasium?

Yes, we have Mission Card, Finding Baekho(AR), Lectures from Mentors available as education programs planned by the Football Faentasium.

Please contact us ahead if you are interested in any of those programs.

Are there any facilities or program activities worth experiencing in proximity to the venue?

The Seoul World Cup Stadium Tour program is available at​ of the Seoul Facilities Corporation webpage and also the World Cup Park (consisting of 4 different parks), the Oil Tank Culture Park and the Square of Peace are adjacent to the Football Faentasium as well as the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

In addition, several renowned boardcasters like MBC, CJ E&M and SBS are located near the DMC (Digital Media City) subway station, and they are also a great option worth a visit.


Is it allowed for an under 13 year old to come to the Football Faentasium without a parent or legal guardian?

Yes, our staff members are always ready to guide him or her on a tour through the facilities.

In case of a group touring, he or she may need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

How do I get a ticket?

You may buy a ticket on site or online at INTERPARK.

For other promotion inquiries, please contact us at 02.305.2002.

Am I able to visit before the scheduled tour?

Yes, please inform our staff of the information on your visit (e.g. date, time and number of visitors) in advance.