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Any concession policies?

A ticket price is 15,000 won.


Anyone nationally meritorious, impaired or over 65 years old may get 20% discount (12,000 won) once the related document is verified.


A group tour of 11 or more people will get 10% discount; and 20% discount for a group of over 20.


In case of a group tour of schoolers, please contact our help desk for more information at 02.305.2002.

How do I make a reservation for group tour or get further information?

You may reach at 02.305.2002, or for booking or any other assistance.

Can I change the schedule?

Our staff will check on the availability and help you with the re-scheduling.

Is a group tour available during school vacation?

Yes, it is recommended to make a reservation for us to coordinate the visit.

You may reach at 02.305.2002 for booking. 

What is the difference between the Football Faentasium and the 2002 FIFA World Cup Museum?

The 2002 FIFA World Cup Museum has been renovated and transformed into the Football Faentasium in March 2017.

Located on the west side of the Seoul World Cup Stadium, it is designed by KFA(Korea Football Association) to be the first Interactive Theme Museum of Football in Korea ever.