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Are there any convenience facilities?

1) Personal safety deposit box (small-sized locker style)

 You can keep your personal belongings such as bags or overcoats in lockers for free.(except for valuables)

 Please ask our staff at reception for further information and be aware it is only available for visitors to the Football Faentasium.

2) Cafe Bench and Locker

 The cafe serves some beverage and refreshments.

3) Faenstore

 This gift shop offers football related goods, such as national team uniform replicas, balls and so on.

 The cafe and the gift shop are open to any visitors with or without a ticket alike.


Where can I enjoy food and beverage inside the Football Faentasium?

There is no restaurant inside the venue.

However we provide all visitors with beverage and refreshments at the cafe (Bench and Locker) for convenience.

Are there wheelchairs or baby carriages available for use?

No, we do not have any items specifically dedicated to the disabled as well as babies in place.

Therefore any visitors in need of such items are required to prepare their own wheelchairs or strollers for a visit.


How long does a tour take in general?

In view of the structure of the Football Faentasium which consists of four zones(Round of 16, Quarterfinal, Semifinal, Final) with on-site experiences and exhibitions available,

it approximately takes about between 60 and 90 mins.  


Are there any places for smoker?

We have no smoke free area inside or near the venue.