Football Faentasium SITEMAP


01 Introduction

You can taste and enjoy delicious coffees and desserts while watching kids playing around the mini futsal field inside Café Bench & Locker.

Meet the special experience that only Café Bench & Locker can offer.

02 Café BI



The bench and the locker room is where players can take a break and recharge themselves during the game

We designed an image of a comfortable table and chair beside a soccer ball using the letter ‘B’

from the word ‘bench’ and ‘L’ from ‘locker’, connecting these two with ‘n’ from ‘and’.

03 Menu

Signature menu : 2002 World cup round 4 drinks

Feel the vivid memory with our specialized signature
menus of 2002 World Cup round 4 nations.
  • Oh! Pilseung(Victory) Coco Yogurt soda

    This yogurt soda consists of the red
    and the blue that symbolizes the Taegeuk are
    mixed with ice cubes and Nata de coco.

  • Tank shake

    Milk shake with banana, strawberry jam and
    cookie that symbolizes the three colors
    of German national flag.

  • Turk-hero shake

    Berry milk shake that indicates the red color
    of Turkey’s national flag with
    soft milk and fresh berry.

  • Samba shake

    Kiwi-banana shake with
    the combination of green kiwi slush
    and soft yellow banana.

You can meet a variety of coffees, drinks and delicious desserts and bakery.

You can enjoy our various menus inside Café Bench & Locker
or you can also take out your menus to eat while watching the game.

Opening hours: throughout the year, from AM 8 to PM 12 Rent or Franchise FAQ