Football Faentasium SITEMAP

Football Faentasium storyline ‘World Cup Tournament’
Meet the passion of 2002 World Cup again!


Opening Ceremony


Round 16 Round 8 Round 4 Final round

Café, Fan store

Closing Ceremony
  • 1

    Opening Ceremony_ Lobby,
    Information desk

  • 2

    Round 16_ Passion

  • 3

    Round 8_ Strategy

  • 4

    Round 4_ Dream

  • 5

    Final round_ Victory

  • 6

    Closing Ceremony_ Fan store

  • 7

    Closing Ceremony_ Café


You can meet the symbol of Korea football inside Football Faentasium.

Meet the touching moment of World Cup through the soccer ball sculpture the Glory and mapping media artwall.

Exhibiton / Exploration


You can explore the history of the football of the world and Korea.Meet the story and historical valuable moments of football.

  • - Shout of the Reds
    - Football history
    - Football organization
    - World football today
    - World Cup with numbers
    - World’s football competition
  • - Surprising moments of world football

    First touch (First Touch)free kick, corner kick, target shooting, goal keeper VR experience

    Ceaser’s kick Photo zone


Meet the equipment and system that improves football technology and hear the stories of various people who make up the game.

  • - Football equipment
    - Football system
    - Football jobs
  • First touch (First Touch)Free kick, corner kick, target shooting

    360˚ VR ExperienceNational Team Player BAEKHO's day

    Being a referee experience

    Media photo zone

Dream(s come true)

2002 World Cup; The glorious moment of 2002 hologram; Efforts behind the legend of 2002 World Cup.

  • - 2002 World Cup legend 23
    - Cheering audition
  • Cheering audition

    Locker room photo zone


Find the future of Korea football in the vision of Korea Football Association! You can be the hero of the glorious moment of Korea football.

  • - Vision of KFA
    - Korea football today
    - Glorious moments of Korea football
    - Special exhibition hall
  • First touch (First Touch)- penalty kick

    Super Save

    Trophy photo zone

Café & Fan store

Meet the space where you can freely take a rest and recharge yourself.

  • - Café Bench & Locker
    - Fan store (gift shop)
    - Kids arena (mini futsal field)