Football Faentasium SITEMAP



Hours (Open throughout the year) - Closed on the DAY of Seollal(Lunar New Year’s Day), Chuseok Holiday every year
ex) As of 2018, Feb 16(Seollal), Sep 24(Chuseok)

Facility/Program Hours Note
Football Faentasium (Exhibition/Hands-on Experience) AM 9:00 ~ PM 6:00 Last Entrance : PM 5:00
Fan Store (Gift Shop)
Cafe Bench & Locker
REDS Tour (Stadium Tour) In preparation -

Admission Fee ※ As for group of 20 or more, reservation at 02.305.2002 in advance is required

General Price Discounted Price
(in case of Group of 11 or more)
Adult Youth/Child Adult Youth/Child
15,000원 15,000원 13,500원 13,500원

Discount Benefit

Beneficiary Discount Rates Note
For those of who is

- a Person of National Merit                     
- with physical disability                           
- Senior citizen of 65 years or above
20% Proof required
Foreign tourist who stay at the guest house One who bring guest house’s business card


  • Entrance

    - Under 36 month kids can enter free of admission fees only with a guardian per kid. - Re-entry is allowed only within one hour after first entrance. - Ticket is valid only for the date stated on the ticket and cannot be re-issued when lost. - There may be a delay and be waiting time depending on the circumstance.

    Exhibition/Hands-on Experience

    - For children and students entrance, mission card is included. But it cannot be re-issued when lost. - You may be charged with fees if any damage is done to the facilities. - Our supervisor may ask you to leave if any extreme noise or any aggressive action is done. - Every customer is responsible for any accident caused by customer’s carelessness.
  • Etc

    - Smoking is prohibited at not only inside Football Faentasium, but also near the main entrance and the café entrance. - Bicycles, kickboard, in-line skate or any kind of shoes with wheels are not allowed to enter. - No pets are allowed inside except for guide dogs. - Lost articles are kept for 3 months and are discarded after.

    Locker for Personal Belongings

    - Locker can be used after asking the information desk in the lobby.(The service may be closed due to space limits.)


Period Fee Discount Rates Note
Regular Days 150 won per 5 min Maximum 2000 won for 2 hours with Football Faentasium tickets (150 won per 5 minutes afterwards) · Operation Hours: 9:00~22:00· Location : West Gate Parking Lot · 50% Discount : Driver who
  • - a person of merit
  • - with physical disability
  • - owns small cars
  • - owns low emission vehicles
  • - has three or more children

- Small Car: 150 won per 5 min

- Middle: 300 won per 5 min. (for 16~25 people, 2.5~5 ton trucks)- Large: 450 won per 5 min. (for more than 25 people, over 5 ton trucks)
Game Days 1,500 won per 4 hours